Heat Instructors


My name is Heather, I was born with a love for dance.  I became a Zumba instructor and have been part of the ZIN network since 2012.  My love for dance and fitness was a perfect match for Zumba.  In 2013, I was certified in Zumba Gold and discovered another passion, teaching to seniors, which has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences for me.  I hope to continue to learn and grow as an instructor and I am always looking for new and exciting classes to teach my students!  I am currently certified in Zumba, Zumba Gold, Keiser Cycle and Pop Pilates.  I will be a certified POUND instructor as of August 2017!


 Hey everyone, I'm Ashley and I am so excited to be teaching dance fitness here at Heat Cardio Club. I hold a bachelors degree in English and am currently in school getting my CPA license. Between my regular full time job, school, teaching dance fitness and taking care of my son, I understand the struggle of trying to make time for exercise. I want you to get a great workout in my classes while also having a great time. That's what I love about dance fitness, it's so much fun that it doesn't feel like exercise, it's just all of us dancing and having a blast together. That's the experience I want you to have in my classes, no judgment, no fear, just fun and dancing, and if you burn a couple hundred calories while you're at it then that's even better! I hope that all of you come away feeling good about yourselves and ready to take on the world when you come workout with me. Looking forward to shaking it with you in class!  


  Hello Dancers! My name is Beni. I started teaching dance fitness classes in 2012. I currently teach Latin Heat, Hip Hop Cardio, and Zumba. I'm committed to creating easy-to-follow choreography, so my students can burn calories while having fun dancing.  Besides teaching fitness classes, I'm also a dance instructor. I teach Belly Dance, Salsa, Bachata, and Hip Hop. I started teaching dance courses here in USA in 2010. I'm originally from Panama so grew up dancing Latin rhythms before becoming a dancer/choreographer in the year... Let's just say wayyy before I came here😜  Anyway, I feel young and can't wait to shake it with y'all at Heat Cardio Club!  

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